Logos, Wordmarks & Branding

In designing logos and wordmarks, whenever possible I generally strive for simplicity and singularity.  Clean simple images have several advantages.  The first being that simple images are more adaptable in a wide variety of applications.  The second being unique images are more memorable.

I prefer to design logos that are as near as possible to a 1:1 aspect ratio (square or round).  In this computer age, most clients will eventually have need of an icon to represent them on the internet.

My experience has taught me that all clients will have a need for both color and black and white representations of the logotype.  For this reason, I always design to satisfy both requirements.  Additionally, often the logo will need to be presented with both dark and light backgrounds.

Also, I think it prudent to restrict the design to line art rather than continuous tone artwork.  Many reproduction methods don’t lend themselves to continuous tone images, i.e.: hot stamping and screen printing.

Often it is not possible to satisfy all of these design principles in all situations.  Obviously, client preference and other physical requirements often influence the final design.